I truly believe that Samadhi Spectrum can help this population to thrive in leadership positions and government and that their pure intention, loving kindness, and intelligence could be a great asset to our nation. I look forward to working together in the future.
— Linda Colon, Samadhi Spectrum Certified
Really, words don’t do this justice for me. My brother is on the spectrum am the inspiration for my teaching this. WV is a huge hub for families with autism and it’s changed my life to bring this back to my home and share it with people around me. The training was packed with amazing info., qualified teachers that teach with love... I will definitely make the trip back to NJ just to see them. If you are on the fence, really just go and experience yourself! Worth every penny!
— Brittany Stowasser, Samadhi Spectrum Certified
Your team was a joy to be around. Loved every minute of it. I will apply these tools to my daily life as well as my interactions with my clients! Thank you! I will be sending peace and love to your family and organizational team.
— Special Needs Teacher