About Our Yoga Classes

—Each yoga class is led by a teacher who has completed at minimum both a 200-hour yoga teacher training and an additional Yoga for Autism (Part A) teacher training led by founder Sharon Manner.

—Our yoga classes offer a combination of breathing exercises, chanting, yoga postures, relaxation techniques (yoga nidra or yoga sleep) and other self-regulation tools that bring clients a sense of peace and dignity within themselves.

—Yoga, as it’s taught through our programs is not a religious practice. The postures and breathing exercises, the relaxation techniques and self-regulation tools are culled from yoga’s 5,000 year-old traditions and its vast well of resources. 

Where We Teach

Hope Autism Solutions

Hope Autism Solutions (HAS) is dedicated to providing adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder an environment that supports personal growth, learning, empowerment and self-esteem.  HAS gives program participants the tools to live productive meaningful lives and integration into the community.

HAS helps build the development of friendships; community based outings, volunteer work, education and social skills, as well as an increase in independence. This program provides the individual with personalized coaching to continue to grow as a person and become an active, integrated community member.


In collaboration with Youth Consultation Service (YCS) this day program is dedicated to providing adults with developmental disabilities as well as mental health  and maladaptive behaviors an appropriate  program.   The ultimate goal of this program is to help the individual succeed in an environment that is designed to address difficult behaviors displayed  and  change them into positive experiences for personal and professional growth. 


Volunteer Action Program (VAP) is a day program that allows members to be active participants in the community by volunteering at organizations such as Sage (Meals on Wheels), Embassy Suites, NJPAC and more. 

Union County Recreation Programs for People with Disabilities

Offers recreational programs for people with disabilities year-round including yoga for teens. 


The Union County Educational Services Commission (UCESC) is a public school district located in Westfield, New Jersey. Its goal of helping students achieve independence, success in the workforce and obtain the skills necessary for 21st Century learners is achieved with innovative educational programs that address the unique needs of each student.


The WaySharers is a faith-based outreach program for adults with developmental disabilities. WaySharers provides opportunities to meet with each other as well as non-disabled adults, each sharing their unique gifts and talents in a relaxed and fun setting.