Core Self-Care and Stress Management Training

Being a parent or support personnel serving children on the Autistic Spectrum can be one of the most challenging endeavors an individual can undertake. Employing practical tools based on principles of yoga, mindfulness and social /emotional learning, our program teaches practical ways the parents and support personnel can take better care of themselves and, as a result, take better care of those they serve.


• For parents, teachers, guidance counselors, PA representative, social workers and all professionals that serve that autistic student population
• Presented in five 3-hour sessions
• Presented at the school or community facility


• Practical yoga postures that they can incorporate into their daily routine • Supports participants in developing essential life skills such as: focused listening, assertive communication, forgiveness, taking responsibility and conscious choice
• Improves participants relationship skills, leadership ability and professional competence • Presented in Spanish and/or English
• Keys for practicing life enhancing nutrition
• Ways of staying supportive and present during stressful moments in the classroom • Learn skills that enable them to support, advise and engage parents more effectively • Addresses many of the unique challenges that the parent of an autistic child faces: * Sleep deprivation * Proper nutrition and the avoidance of certain foods * Circumstances and events that may trigger their child’s anxiety * How you relate to the issue of raising an Autistic child * Communication challenges with your child and other family members * Accepting your child’s limitations and at the same time envisioning greater possibilities for the future * Understanding and accepting other people’s attitudes towards an individual with Autistim * By your actions and words, instilling a sense of safety and trust with your child
* Increased self-regulatory ability by using the breath to enhance focus and mindfulness


• The book Masterful Parenting…Creating meaningful connection with your child
• Yoga manual, handouts and DVDs