We can’t praise the amazing instructors from Ashrams for Autism enough.  Since the initiation of our program, clients have experienced a decrease in anxiety symptoms such as panic, scripting, and generalized worry. We have also seen an increase in communication and positive social skills.  Clients have been more open to coping skills and handling frustration by using the breathing and visualization techniques they practice in yoga. The group is learning to connect on a broader level with their peers. This is directly related to the positive motivation given freely by these instructors. This compliments the philosophy of our program and enhances our personal development, social skills and life skills training.
— Kim Rushmore, Director of The Center for Independence

Malika benefited so greatly from being apart of Ashrams for Autism. She truly loved being a part of the group and doing the yoga steps. She was able to use a lot of the techniques at home and they came in handy with helping cope when upset etc. I remember she was having a very off day at home and I said in passing we weren’t going to class because I feared she would be too disruptive. She begged me not to cancel and it helped to shape the rest of her day. I’m so grateful to the Ashrams group, they were so kind to all the children and Malika just adored everyone. It brought tears to my eyes how much she loved taking part in these sessions.
— Irene, parent of Kidz Stop program participant

[Sharon] also has a wealth of knowledge as to the importance of healthy living. After each session Sharon and her team always made time to converse with parents and respond to questions, concerns, and compliments. Sharon has seen yoga transform the lives of individuals on the Spectrum. In her own words, she says that ‘the science of yoga as a therapeutic tool and lifestyle can help heal and balance anyone on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our body and minds want to be healthy and in balance.
— Amanda Birt, Director of Kidz Stop